Today my grandmother turns 90. This is an amazing achievement in many more ways than one. First, it is an achievement in the obvious way. 90. Ten years short of a century. And she's still walking, talking, knows my name (and her own), and is as ornery as ever. How awesome is that? My grandfather … Continue reading 90!

Please Don’t Eat The Daisies

The girls had a sleepover Monday night with a friend, and it was generally tame. They ate pizza, they giggled, they played video games, they wrote in a best friends'  journal, and they went to sleep. The night passed without incident and then morning arrived, birds chirped, coffee brewed, and the girls decided it would … Continue reading Please Don’t Eat The Daisies

Getting Ready for New Year’s!

Now you probably think I'm one of THOSE people--the ones who have their Christmas shopping done and are already moving on to December 31st. Well, I'm not. I'm lucky if the Christmas presents are wrapped by December 24th. I'm not talking about that day at the end of December when people either get drunk or … Continue reading Getting Ready for New Year’s!