A Tale of Two Girls

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a beautiful, four-storey home with her mother, her grandmother, her grandfather and her dog, Skipper. The little girl grew up surrounded by love and attention. Her home was the safest place she could think of, and though loved reading and learning at school, … Continue reading A Tale of Two Girls

The Happy

This has been a rough few months for our family. My father-in-law has been struggling with some heart issues. It frustrated him, it frightened us, and it led to about three to five different hospitalizations since August. He has suffered the most and yet been in the best spirits; I've been akin to a sulky teenager, … Continue reading The Happy

On Books and Babies

This month, thirteen years ago, was a season of terror. No, not Halloween. Pregnancy. I was in the final month of my first full-term pregnancy and I was waiting for disaster. There was no way, I thought, this was going to be okay. A long string of English literature classes in college and graduate school … Continue reading On Books and Babies